Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's Play Baseball...

Hello Everyone.  Its been a busy few days here.  I had a few orders to work on and finally got then all finished and delivered.  So far I only have two orders for next week for Father's Day so it looks like its going to be a slow week.

This is a birthday set I made for a friend's little boy.  His birthday was today and part of his gift is a trip to the Cardinal stadium to see a ball game.  His favorite player is #7, Matt Holliday.  They wanted to give him a gift of baseball cookies as a hint to see if he would figure out what his actual gift was. 

Also this week I wanted to try out this new flower technique that I learned watching a video by a very talented cookier...Amber Spiegel. 

The technique almost makes the cookies look kinda lacy.  I didn't think I did too bad for my first try.

The next one I did I used a gold lustre dust.  I did it on several cookies but I really like how it turned out on this cookie that was iced black.  It almost looks antique.  It really does look really nice in person.  :)

Of course I couldn't stop there.... I also had some pearl lustre dust and tried it on a couple different colors.  I really like how they turned out on this teal colored flower.

I ended up doing several of these just to practice because I loved how they kept turning out.  Wouldn't these be just beautiful for a bridal shower, wedding or even a tea party???  I really enjoyed this technique and look forward to the next chance I get to practice something else that I hope you all might like seeing.

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Sweet Ambs video is great, and your results are gorgeous...the teal are my favorite! I wish I had seen her video before Mother's Day, I made some but never thought about the luster dust, and that makes it spectacular!

  2. Hi Susie! You are right, her video is fantastic! There are so many great cookiers out there and so much for us all to learn!