Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Mail's Here!

Just like a little girl, this baker got so excited when the mail came yesterday. 


Because this girl got some new tips and a new cookie cutter! 

Yes, I have a lot of tips made by Wilton but these tips are different.  These are PME Supa-Tube tips.  The difference, beside the higher price, is that they are stainless steel and have no seam. 

Seam, you say???   Apparently Wilton tips have a seam in them that cause, what I will call, a 'squiggly' when I try using my #1 tip or sometimes its as if the tip is clogged.  That squiggle can be very frustrating when your trying to write on a cookie or cake.  The PME tips are suppose to prevent these problems. 

We will see.....  I plan on doing some decorating in the next two days so I will break out the new tips and let you know.  Wish me luck!


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